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5 Reasons Why You Need Reliable Broadband

Here’s the thing, you need reliable broadband but you’re probably taking it lightly. You need to know why you need reliable broadband and ensure you have a reliable one or get a reliable one.
When we say ‘slow internet’ we are very sure that at one point or another, we’ve all experienced the pain of slow internet. Remember how frustrated you felt when it took forever to download just one file?

Those days are long gone. Really, are they?

With the kind of high-speed internet readily available these days, one would think that the need for speed has been sated.

However, there are still daily occurrences of how slow internet makes us mad. It makes us wonder why people still stay with internet providers who can’t satisfy their need for speed.

Sometimes, understanding the reason behind an action helps us make better decisions. Let’s take a look at why you need internet broadband that’s faster than the speed of light, and more so, reliable.

Why You Need Reliable Broadband

There are a couple of reasons why you need reliable broadband, and these are some reasons why you need reliable broadband:

1. Why you need Reliable Broadband – Relaxation

Do you have to subscribe to streaming services like Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, and other similar platforms? That shouldn’t be a herculean task, well, that is if you have reliable broadband. Do you see why you need reliable broadband?



If you do not have high-speed broadband at home, don’t expect your movies or TV series to run smoothly. This also means you should be prepared to rip your hair out of your scalp in frustration. To add to that, we all love to watch full HD video qualities, even 4K quality videos now, it’s vital that high-speed broadband is present at home, with obvious reasons.

Can you see why you need reliable broadband?

2. Why you need Reliable Broadband – Superfast Upload Speed

A lot of the time, we place too much emphasis on the download speed of an internet provider forgetting that internet speed is more than that. We need to consider the upload speeds as well, which refers to how fast your computer sends information to the web.

With so many features of the Internet these days such as file-sharing, video conferencing (Zoom), and live-streaming, it’s very vital that your upload speed is up to par. You’d want to send in that presentation on time and try not to get that pesky question “Can you hear me now?” when you call your distant relatives, clients, or business partners.

Another necessary factor to consider is latency, which affects Internet speed. This phenomenon happens because there will be delays that happen because of the nature of the network, and how much traffic the nature of the network can move. The higher the latency, the higher the lag, and the slower the Internet. To avoid that from happening, we advise you to opt for high-speed broadband.

3. High-Speed Broadband is now Affordable

So many of us are guilty of withholding ourselves back from enjoying good things (like super-fast broadband) because we fear that it would come at an extravagant price. What if we told you that your fear is now inconsequential and that high-speed broadband is now super affordable?

Simply contact us.

4. Why you need Reliable Broadband – Unshakable Reliability

Have you ever thought why sometimes your Internet gets very slow, then after a few minutes it resumes its normal speed? Maybe it’s about time you went 100% fiber. Fiber optics Internet can transmit speeds with little to no hitches. This makes it the most reliable option when you’re doing anything with the Internet, from business meetings online, Live-streaming, to watching your favorite series.

5. More Bandwidth for everyone

Today, home WiFi is set to carry our laptops, mobile phones, WiFi speakers, smart TVs, CCTVs, and smart homes. Most of the time, individuals in a household or at work own at least 2 devices that make use of WiFi.


That translates to mean there are multiple devices connected to the internet. With that high number of devices, it would be abysmal to run everything smoothly having average internet speed. Having fast broadband would ensure that your household, school, company or office will have a seamless internet experience.

Why You Need Reliable Broadband From Spacematrix

Do you find it confusing when it comes to choosing an ISP (Internet Service Provider) that provides affordable high-speed Internet? Consider Spacematrix Solutions International Ltd.! We’ll be sure to get you connected with quality and affordable broadband.

Do you have other reasons why we should get high-speed Internet for our household, business, or school? Be sure to share them with us in the comments below!

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