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Facebook, Telcos Build Subsea Cable to Connect Africa to the World

Facebook and a team of African and global telecommunication majors have struck a deal to build one of the world’s largest subsea cable to connect Africa. This boosts internet availability across three continents, they said in a joint statement held recently. South Africa’s MTN GlobalConnect and Mauritius-based infrastructure provider WIOCC are partners in this project, […]

What Slows Your WiFi Down – 5 Things

Do you really know what slows your WiFi down? For sure, your WiFi tends to be slow in some rooms and really fast in some others. There are certain things that slow it down as well as some things that you can do to boost your WiFi signal strength. You may be enjoying a perfectly […]

10 Ways To Boost Your WiFi Speed

Does your WiFi act up sometimes, and get on your nerves? There are certain things you could do to boost your WiFi signal strength to serve you better. Here are a few things to do to boost your WiFi: 1. Ways to Boost Your WiFi – Well-positioned Router The position where your router is placed […]

5 Reasons Why You Need Reliable Broadband

Here’s the thing, you need reliable broadband but you’re probably taking it lightly. You need to know why you need reliable broadband and ensure you have a reliable one or get a reliable one. When we say ‘slow internet’ we are very sure that at one point or another, we’ve all experienced the pain of […]